Nanna Ditzel

Nanna Ditzel is one of the most significant women in Danish design history, and one of the country's most important craftsmen of the Mid-century modern period.

Trained as a cabinetmaker before she graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 1946, Nanna Ditzel was one of only a few women in her class. After meeting her collaborator and later husband Jørgen Ditzel (1921-1961), they successfully presented their first furniture project at the Cabinetmakers' Guild Exhibitions in 1945. Throughout their career, they were both were inspired by new materials as well as new techniques in craftsmanship, and they are behind a versatile collection of furniture, textiles and jewelry.

Although they are jointly recognized for their endeavors, Nanna Ditzel is especially recognized for her challenging designs and experimental approach. They participated a number of times together in the Cabinetmakers' Guild Exhibitions, and received the Lunning Prize for their designs in 1956. Individually, Nanna Ditzel held several international solo exhibitions and received a number of international awards including a gold medal in the International Furniture Design Competition in Japan in 1990. She became an honorary member of the Royal Society of Arts in London in 1996, and was awarded an honorary prize for her lifelong work as an artist by the Danish Ministry of Culture in 1998.