The Japanese Connection

Why is an armchair by Nanna Ditzel named Oda? And who is Oda Noritsugu?

When Brdr. Petersen was to relaunch an unnamed armchair by Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel in 2011, we wanted an international name for the chair. Something representing the same values as Brdr. Petersen, and at the same time a name that would work as a symbol of the Danish design heritage of dedication, craftsmanship and high quality. Together with Nanna Ditzel Design, Brdr. Petersen chose to name the organic armchair Oda after one of the most prolific international experts on Danish design.

Oda Noritsugu is a Japanese design professor, furniture collector and author specialized in the Danish-Modern time period. For decades he have been one of the world's leading ambassadors of Danish design, and especially years back when the Danes did not appreciate the architectural furniture of the Danish golden age, Oda Noritsugu emphasized the importance of the heritage. Today Oda owns one of the world's most significant collections of chairs and Danish design. He have published several books and articles on the subject, and is often been called a symbol of the Danish design heritage and its resurrection. For the same reason, Oda Noritsugu was honored with the Hans J. Wegner award in 2014.

Naming the armchair Oda is a tribute to his outstanding research in Danish design, including his research on Nanna Ditzel.

Watch the short profile video below to get a glimpse into the world of Oda Noritsugu

PHOTO CREDIT Noritsugu Oda by Danish Modern Museum

VIDEO CREDIT 3 Days of Design