Albert Larsson

Albert Larsson was a Swedish carpenter and furniture maker from the Mid-century modern period.

He established his own business Alberts Tibro in 1938, and after World War II the small production team began specializing in coffee tables and multifunctional height-adjustable tables. By the 1950s, only coffee tables were made and throughout the following decades the company grew to become one of Sweden's most successful manufacturers, selling 40-50,000 tables per year. During these years, significant sales figures were made exporting tables to department stores like Karstadt and Kaufhof in Germany, Magazin zum Globus in Zurich and Gallerie Lafayette in Paris.

Albert Larsson was widely known for his tables of strict and toned-down design, and in 1959 he made one of his most iconic pieces; the small wooden side table with coppered steel legs, Table in the Jar now manufactured by Brdr. Petersen.